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What our clients are saying about our team!

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David I.

Joe Venturi has been my trainer for several years now. With his exceptional expertise, resourcefulness, and close attentiveness, he has been central to my ability to remain in good physical condition. His skill goes way beyond setting up and coaching a workout routine. Highly observant, he consistently adapts each session to where I am that day and moment. Drawing on a deep knowledge base, he modifies his training on the fly, keeping me able to gain the most benefit I can from each exercise. He is the best of the best.

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Delores C.

Great Experience. I see Joe 2x per week to hopefully help my bones and posture. He is very helpful. He challenges me and is very encouraging. I seem to be improving as he increases the difficulty of the workouts.

They are great workouts. I see an improvement in my stamina and muscle tone and strength. I feel positive both physically and MENTALITY each time I finish a session. Thank you Joe.

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Rose Ann B.

I have been training with Rich since March and I couldn't be happier! He tailors my workouts with my end goals in mind and always takes the time to explain proper form and execution. Joe, one of the other trainers, is always available to help me if Rich is not available. I would highly recommend them-In fact I just recommended it to a friend!

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Steve D.

Before working with Joe I didn’t have the stamina or motivation to work out. Joe and all the other great staff have helped me to succeed with my goals and I have never felt better. I’ve been working with joe for 3 weeks and thanks to his extensive knowledge and dedication as a personal trainer I have seen amazing results and have become more flexible...even my posture has improved with his help.

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