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But Do You Know Joe?

Once upon a time, two longtime work friends found themselves trying to navigate a world shut down by a Global Pandemic. The shutdown left millions across the world struggling to figure out what the job market would hold in the future. Joe Venturi and Rich Tuohy thought of the shutdown, like many, as temporary where things would go back to normal in a short time period. Joe and Rich worked as fitness specialists for a studio on Long Island. After 4 months with zero interaction with their clients, Joe found some research that supported his thoughts already. Joe realized that was entirely too long for the population to go without regular exercise.

Born out of circumstance and necessity, Joe partnered with Rich to launch Liftology, an online fitness program that still created the one-on-one relationships they were accustomed to.

While Joe has always been active and focused on fitness, this was not always his chosen career focus. Joe started his college career with plans to branch out into the world with a business management degree. Ultimately the thought of working the 9-5 week sitting behind a desk, left Joe realizing he wanted a more engaging and active career. He briefly considered teaching as this would check the box for more activity and stronger engagement, but something was still missing from the equation. Teaching would only allow him to interact with one population of people. It was his experience working with a boxing trainer that seemed to steer him toward his destination. He trained and loved it. He loved the personal growth he saw in himself both mentally and physically. In 2008, Joe graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in exercise science.

It is clear to anyone who spends time talking to Joe that he has a passion for his profession and knowledge base to support it. For Joe, training isn’t about the most muscle or bulk. Instead, it is about the overall health of the muscles, bones, and joints.


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