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Workout Wish List

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We have the perfect gift ideas for those looking to start or add to their at-home fitness equipment. These gifts are great for anyone who wants to start their fitness journey and for those that are looking to update their in-home equipment.

  1. Dumbbells. Strength training with dumbbells is particularly effective in loading the skeletal system, which helps to increase bone density. They also put the muscular system through its paces, which helps it gain lean mass, increase its metabolic rate, and improve its overall performance.

  2. Resistance Bands. Resistance bands increase muscle growth, strength, and function. In addition to targeting certain muscles, resistance bands may help protect joints by providing varying degrees of resistance.

  3. A training or workout bench can help to increase muscular mass, strength, and endurance. Using a workout bench for your home workouts will facilitate more exercises than standing or stationary posture allows. The bench also allows a wider range of motion to be achieved with certain movements.

With these 3 items, you can get a solid workout without leaving your home. Check out our recommendations for your wish list equipment We provide links for each with all budgets in mind.


Neoprene-coated dumbbells can range from $25-$75; increasing in cost as the weight increases and multiple pairs are needed for versatility.

We recommend First Place Super Bands. They range from 1/4" diameter (lightest) to 4" diameter (heaviest) and are priced from $10-$50. Handle sets and anchors can be purchased separately.

A standard weight bench is sufficient and can double as a step for stepping exercises. They are typically less than $75

Budget Upgrade: