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It’s All Part of Life’s Rich Pattern: Meet Rich Tuohy

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

When you know, you know and Rich Tuohy knew from the first day he met Joe Venturi that they would work well together. What Rich didn’t know was that their work friendship would later evolve to a gratifying and advantageous business partnership when they decided to launch Lifitolgy to meet the needs of those who lost their access to trainers and gyms during the pandemic.

For Rich partnering with Joe was an ‘easy slam dunk decision.’

Partnerships work best with a yin and yang approach. That is how Rich and Joe work. They play off the strengths of each other to create a perfect working dynamic that builds on the positives of each contributing partner.

Rich was a math and science kid in school but was also active in sports like football and baseball throughout high school. It was his love for math and sciences combined with his athletic lifestyle that led him to focus on exercise physiology in college. When asked about what the biggest aha moment in his education was, Rich had this to say, “Overall health wasn’t just about running every day. Lifting weights wasn’t just about building bigger muscles and lifting heavier weights. It (health) is all-encompassing to keep a better and healthier body that includes the heart, the joints, the muscles, and bones.”

In 2008 with his degree from Adelphi University in hand, Rich set out to share his passion and be as helpful of a person as he could be. Initially set on helping people through physical therapy to heal injuries and get people back active and moving, Rich found himself facing challenges and red tape when physical therapy had to work around the insurance world for approvals for treatments services. Rich was determined to help people without bureaucracy and red tape holding him back and so his focus shifted. Rich signed on to work as a personal trainer at a private studio in Long Island. There is where he met Joe and closed the end of their workday with a conversation on the science behind their jobs that in the end became the spark of what would be their friendship and business partnership for Liftology.

Not content to sit with his base knowledge, Rich ensures he shares the most up-to-date knowledge with continuing education courses to give the best of himself to his clients. Moments that reconfirm Rich is right where is supposed to be range from helping young athletes prepare their bodies for a lifelong love of physical athleticism, to knowing the work he has put in has helped individuals now be able to exercise and complete workouts pain-free, build strength and reach personal records.

It is, for Rich, a job with built-in rewards. After all, what more can anyone in the professional world ask for than continual confirmation that you are doing something right and helping others to be happy with their place in the world?

As a fitness specialist, sometimes trade secrets are kept close to the vest special for clients, but Rich will willingly share his best free advice with the world. Sedentary lifestyles lead to poor health. Being a weekend warrior is not enough.

Move! Move as often as possible!

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