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Weights Burn the Fat

Weight training also more commonly known as strength training was thought to be the focus for bodybuilders wanting to bulk up. For the common person who wanted to slim down and lose weight, the generally accepted advice was to cut calories and increase your aerobic activity.

Research released in 2021 reveals that traditional ways of weight management may no longer be the primary norm, opening the door to the field of strength training for people who had previously relied primarily on aerobic exercise for weight loss.

Aerobic exercise is brisk exercise that promotes the circulation of oxygen through the blood and is associated with an increased rate of breathing. Examples include running, swimming, jump roping, and bicycling. This exercise improves cardiorespiratory fitness, creates other health and functional benefits, and burns body fat, but does not build muscle.

Dr. Mary Hagstrom, an exercise physiologist, and professor at the University of New South Wales has published important findings from her 2021 study. According to the statistics, strength training alone may help people lose up to 1.4 percent of their total body fat mass. Dr. Hagstrom and her team looked at data from 58 research studies that used accurate ways to measure body fat, like body scans, to look at the effects of strength training regimens, lending credibility to the study's findings. Of the 3000 study participants, none had any prior strength-training experience.